Are you the next greatest singer from Asia? Motor Image Subaru, along with multi-awarded singer Michael Bolton, recently announced a new partnership for the first season of Asian Dream. It's an all-new reality talent search where Subaru and Michael Bolton join hands to shine a light on promising singers across the region.

The seven-episode series aims to foster emerging musical talent from six aspiring singers from Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Each week, contestants will be given a specific set of tasks that will sharpen their skills in order to save their place in the competition.

They will be coached, mentored, and judged by Michael Bolton as well as by other special guests. Each week, one aspiring contestant will be eliminated until one winner is crowned as the winner of Asian Dream. Apart from winning the competition, the winning contestant will also be named as a Subaru ambassador and will be joining Michael Bolton on the Asian Dream Tour.

“Subaru is pleased to present Asian Dream and provide a valuable opportunity for talented and confident individuals who have the courage to follow their hearts and pursue their dreams. The show will be an excellent showcase for these aspiring talents who display grit, perseverance and commitment - traits that resonate with the Subaru brand. I look forward to seeing them conquer their fears and rise to the challenge on this regional platform,” said Glenn Tan, Deputy Chairman and Managing Director of Tan Chong International Limited.

Subaru, Michael Bolton partner up for Asian Dream talent search image

As for Michael Bolton, the Grammy-awarded singer is excited to be partnering up once more with Subaru in the hopes of finding the best and brightest performers in the region. “I look forward to seeing the display of talent and drive, and helping these stars rise to their full potential,” added Bolton.

Aside from Michael Bolton, famed Filipina singer and actress Morisette Amon will serve as the resident mentor for the contestants that will join Asian Dream. First starting out in showbiz since she made her debut at the age of 14, she has already won more than 30 awards, including Artist of the Year and Pop Song of the Year.

Other guest judges and mentors from across Asia will also be helping shape contestants to be more versatile and well-rounded include:

  • Singer Sara Wee (Singapore)

  • Actress Tan Kheng Hua (Singapore)

  • Choreographer Alif Archo (Singapore)

  • Singer and Subaru Ambassador Mild Nawin (Thailand)

  • Singer and actress Jannine Weigel (Thailand)

  • Fashion Photographer Yu Tsai (United States of America)

  • Musician Thanh Bui (Vietnam)

  • Singer and actress Ho Ngoc Ha (Vietnam)

The show will premiere in Q4 of 2019