It all started back in June 7, 1987 what a small group of guys, led by Ray Butch Gamboa, gathered together at the Playboy Club of the Silahis Hotel to film the first ever episode of Motoring Today.

Unusual as the venue was (Biboy Enriquez was aggressively promoting his gentleman's club, bunnies included), it planted the seeds (no pun intended) of what was to become the Philippines' longest-running automotive news show, and has been consistently on the air for 25 years.

“I can't belive it,” said Motoring Today's host and Sunshine Television CEO Ray Butch Gamboa. “I never thought that the TV show would last this long.”

Since those beginnings in 1987, Motoring Today became the witness and the public's source for news about the latest cars, the trends and happenings in the automotive industry, public service announcements, maintenance and performance tips, as well as motorsports news both domestic and international.

For decades, Ray Butch Gamboa and the late Philippine motorsports legend, Pocholo Ramirez, played off of each other as both hosted the weekly show. The 25 year journey saw the two bear witness to momentous occasions such as numerous grands prix, international motor shows and overseas driving events and launches.

PTV4 was the original channel of Motoring Today, though after a while, the government-owned channel was reorganized, and the show found a new home with Solar Sports, airing the program on Sunday, 12 noon (Ch 70 Sky Cable, Ch 34 Destiny).