On May 2 to 6, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) will be holding their 51st Annual Meeting of Governors in Mandauyong City. The Metro Manila Development Authority will then be fielding 1,474 personnel to help manage traffic flow and provide assistance during the 5-day event.

The 51st ADB Annual Meeting of Governors is expected to gather 3,000 delegates composed of finance and development ministers and central bank governors of the bank’s 67-member economies.

Members of the Task Group Traffic Management will be in charge of providing personnel and equipment along ADB dedicated routes. This allows seamless movements of delegates being transferred from the airport, hotel and other engagements. No roads will be closed during the duration of meeting. However, stop-and-go schemes will be implemented on some intersections to give way for the delegates’ convoy. 

“The concentration area is only at the Ortigas Business District, Shangri-La and ADB,” said Frisco San Juan, MMDA Deputy Chairman.

Occasional traffic disruption might be experienced along EDSA from the Magallanes to Ortigas areas whenever convoys will pass from the airport to the Ortigas Center. Convoys carrying delegates will be using the yellow lane throughout their journey from along EDSA. The inner most yellow lane will be designated as the delegate’s lane going to and from destinations. 

In the Ortigas Business area, intermittent stops are expected on Julia Vargas, ADB Avenue, San Miguel Avenue, Guadix, Bank Drive, and Saint Francis Street. An ADB special lane will also be setup along Saint Francis Street and Bank Drive. 

MMDA advises motorist to take alternate routes during the duration of the event.