Is there something wrong with QC's No Contact Apprehension Program (NCAP)?

Beginning July 1, 2022, the Quezon City Government officially started the implementation of the No Contact Apprehension Policy (NCAP) on major roads of the city.

Motorists call out QC No Contact Apprehension

Nearly four weeks into the said implementation, several motorists have gone to social media to air their complaints regarding fines and penalties they will have to pay for alleged traffic violations in Quezon City. Some have been calling out the local government for setting up "traps" by removing or disabling traffic signal countdowns in some intersections.

One location in question is the corner of E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue (eastbound going to Cubao) and Gilmore Avenue.

QC NCAP Honey Trap image

In a Facebook post by Cindie Cheng, she attaches a couple of photos (one is the photo of her SUV and the other is the Notice of Violation from the Quezon City Task Force for Transport and Traffic Management) and video footage of the incident in question (sent by the QC local government as proof of the violation).

The Notice of Violation states ‘Disobedience of Traffic Control Signals and Signs 1st Offense.’ It carries a fine of PHP 2,000. In the video, it can be seen that Cheng’s Montero Sport (driven by their driver) is running along E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave. (eastbound to Cubao) and at the intersection of Gilmore Avenue. At the same time, the traffic light was green, turned right into Gilmore.

Ms. Cheng states in her Facebook post that "the violation could be because her vehicle wasn’t in the rightmost lane before performing the turn. But she counters that the bike lane and orange barriers prevent vehicles from being in the ‘rightful’ position and therefore must be a little on the left side to avoid the barriers and cyclists (if any)."

Here are the two points that Ms. Cheng is directly questioning as stated in her Facebook post:

  1. Naka-greenlight naman, so I presume turning right is fine.
  2. There are essentially 1.5 lanes along E. Rodriguez. If you have forgotten you've painted an island and put orange barriers on the supposed lane where we're supposed to be to turn right (rightfully). How the heck are we supposed to squeeze in that 0.5 lane to do that?

Motorist fined PHP 2k for turning right on green light in QC image

Other motorists have shared their sentiments and experiences. Another motorist privately shared a similar experience to us in the exact same intersection with the alleged violation.

As per the QC local government, a notarized letter is required to properly contest the charge.

Have you had a similar experience in QC or anywhere in Metro Manila? Let us know in the comments section below.