French lubricants company Motul and gear set manufacturer Pfitzner Performance Gearboxes (PPG) have signed an agreement to embark on a worldwide technical partnership combining their expertise and knowledge to jointly enhance the performance and capabilities of their products.

Motul's 160 years of experience in the field of lubrication is the ideal technical partner for the development of PPG’s motorsports products while association Motul furthers its R&D by using their lubricants on PPG gear sets that undergo the most demanding of conditions.

The partnership will allow the two companies to develop their product ranges, especially in the case of high-power/high-torque applications. The fruits of this partnership will be most evident when drivers of competition and high performance vehicles use Motul products in transmissions fitted with PPG gear sets.

"We are able to identify with the way in which PPG approaches their technical development, manufacturing and quality control operations. We look forward to working together with them and enjoying a mutually productive and successful relationship," said Dr. Katsuya Arai, Chief Technology Officer of Motul Asia-Pacific.

PPG recommends Motul Gear Competition line of gear oils for its high performance and race applications. Motul Gear Competition is a 100% Synthetic lubricant for gearboxes and differentials with or without limited slip. It is available at major Motul dealers in the Philippines. For more information, contact Prestige Autosport, the exclusive importer of Motul lubricants at 7260399 or e-mail [email protected].