Manila, Philippines, -- Throughout its 150-year history, MOTUL has been at the forefront in the development of high-performance engine oils. The aim of engineers at MOTUL is to develop oils that deliver excellent performance enhancements whilst still retaining superior reliability.

Now, the Philippine market will experience what MOTUL fluid force technology is all about. Through its newly appointed local distributor Autoplus Sportzentrium, that has vast experience in the field of motorsport and high performance tuning. This new partnership symbolizes a perfect synergy between two companies who are focused on giving customers the best in performance and quality.

MOTUL lubricates the engines of some of the biggest race teams in the world which include, the Subaru World Rally Team, NISMO and Dome NSX in the Japan Grand Touring Championship, Team Perscarolo Sport in the Le Mans 24hrs, JMB Racing in the FIA GT series and American Le Mans Series, and BMS Scudiera in the FIA GT series.

Today, MOTUL launches the 'Ultimate Oil for Victory' with the new MOTUL 300V Series, which has evolved through MOTUL's quest for motorsports domination. Developed with the new Double Ester Technology that features 0% shear loss capability, the MOTUL 300V Series surpasses all previous oil benchmarks. Delivering ultimate performance and superior reliability, the new MOTUL 300V Series is an oil specifically designed for high performance racing.

MOTUL also realizes that each individual engine requires a specific viscosity oil to help provide correct mechanical lubrication. The new MOTUL 300V Series developed with the most advanced lubricant technology meets the varying viscosity needs of the majority of engines. The new MOTUL 300V Series also allows freedom of exploring the potential of new engines by making adjustments to viscosity a process recently thought impossible.

"To prove MOTUL's effectiveness in local conditions, we conducted a performance test between MOTUL 300V and a competing synthetic engine oil (Brand O) on our in-house Dynojet dynamometer. Our test vehicle was equipped with a high performance Honda K20A Type-R spec engine. A gain of 3-horsepower was realized compared to Brand O," said Mr. Carlos Gono of Autoplus Sportzentrium.