Restore your engine's performance and efficiency with Motul Engine Clean, Fuel System Clean, Diesel System Clean

When everything seems to be working as it should, it's very easy to take car care for granted.

Maintenance days can always be moved. Sometimes it's because of our busy schedules, and sometimes we need to deal with more important things. We get that. But sooner or later, putting off those PMS schedules will bite you back.

Even if you use the best engine oils out there, prolonged use can leave unwanted residues inside your engine which can reduce its power and efficiency. In the worst cases, it will even lead to engine failure.

The same goes for choosing fuel. We understand everyone wants to make the most out of every drop, but the cheapest fuel isn't exactly the cleanest out there. Over time, dirty deposits in your fuel system will lead to drop-off in performance, and ultimately reduce the life span of your engine.

Luckily, Motul has something that could solve all these problems. Renew your engine's health with the Motul Clean additives.

Motul Clean additives: The TLC your engine deserves image

The Motul Engine Clean is designed to be used in all types of Gasoline and Diesel engines, naturally aspirated or turbocharged, with or without a catalytic converter, using all kinds of fuel. It effectively cleans deposits and clogging which appear in the engine.

Motul Clean additives: The TLC your engine deserves image

At the time of the oil drain, the removed micro-particles are then evacuated together with the old oil. Motul Engine Clean provides perfect lubrication during the cleaning process.

Motul Fuel System Clean is an additive that's poured directly into the fuel tank. This product works as a contamination remover in the fuel system, cleaning from the tank to the combustion chamber. It will also dissolve resins and gums in carburetors and injection systems. It lubricates and protects the upper cylinder as well as removes coking and unburned carbon residues. It binds moisture and condensed water throughout the whole fuel system and helps make cold starting easier.

For diesel engines, there's the Motul Diesel System Clean. It can be used in all diesel engines and was particularly developed for high-pressure direct injection diesel engines with common rail technology or pump injectors. It offers good protection to the high-pressure pump by eliminating the moisture from the diesel system to provide easier cold starts.

The Motul Diesel System Clean is suitable for engines using Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF).

Thanks to these additives from Motul, your engine is guaranteed to run cleaner with better performance, and fewer emissions for longer periods.

For more information about the Motul additive line, visit the Motul PH flagship store at 26 Kabignayan Street, near corner Banawe Avenue, Brgy. Tatalon, Quezon City. You can contact them at (02) 8726 1389, +63 919 4411001, or +63 917 1174621.