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Motul Introduces Reformulated H-tech 100 Plus Engine Oil


Setting the standard for engine oils

In line with the sweeping changes for eco-friendly products, Motul has once raised the standards of motor oil engine protection with its new line of reformulated H-tech 100 Plus oils accredited with the new American Petroleum Institute (API) SN - ILSAC GF-5 rating. This new oil specification places greater emphasis on protecting catalytic converters than previous oil standards.

The new formulation uses proprietary Viscosity Modifiers that help improve fuel economy, while a new type of "Phosphorus Retention" ZDP or Zinc additive provides protection for engine components and catalytic converters found in modern passenger cars.

The new Motul H-tech 100 Plus engine oils are available in 0w20 and 5w30 oil viscosity grades to suit the requirements of the latest gasoline engine cars. It comes with an exclusive silver API Certification Mark not found in other oils currently in the market.


Although they may cost a little more per liter than other premium engine oils in the market, rest assured Motul provides greater value and true 100-percent synthetic protection. The small investment in the right oil for your engine will save you big money  as well as lower your environmental footprint in the long run.

For details on how to improve your car's performance, call Autoplus Sportzentrium at 726-0399 log on to Motul engine oils and lubricants are also available in select dealers nationwide.

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