Motul celebrates 50 years of 300V with new formulation, focus on Asia Pacific growth

Motul launched their flagship 300V engine oil in 1971; a result of relentless development to help racing teams accomplish maximum performance and reliability out of their engines, the holy grail of motorsport. Its name is a tribute to the 300 racing victories achieved by the time of its launch.

More than just the name, Motul 300V has gone on to help countless more motorsport legends to victory. Over the following decades, Motul has continuously perfected its flagship product and today, Motul 300V continues to propel the world’s top teams to podium glory. From Le Mans to high-performance cars, Drift Masters to Dakar rally, it has proved itself to be a game-changing lubricant in the paddocks of top racing.

Fifty years after its first launch, Motul unveiled the latest evolution of its benchmark lubricant: the new Motul 300V range at this year's 24H of Le Mans.

“Motul has a strong ambition to cover new markets in the lubricant industry. We are not a niche player, Motul is a premium affordable lubricant. We cover all range of needs and we have the answer to any requirements of our discerning customers. The 300V, which was launched 50 years ago, has driven the culture of performance, excellence, and protection of the engine,” said Lionel Dantiacq, Motul Asia Pacific CEO.

Motul is ending the year with the launch of the new 300V for Asia Pacific.

Dantiacq has been working to expand Motul’s presence in the Asia Pacific region as an industry leader. He was ardent about his vision to grow the brand in key markets but also very confident in the team’s ability to push towards innovating their strategy for sustainable growth.

"We push our products, services, and innovations with passion to transform this industry. Our strategic elements are focused on sustainability, innovation, and people engagement. We keep customer satisfaction at the core of our mission and this is a commonality across all countries in the region. Our mission is to be an energy enabler and a mobility enabler," said Dantiacq.

With pricing as a major factor in many key markets, Dantiacq was quick to point to its retailers and distributors who expressed willingness to reach more consumers with the arrival of the new 300V. He also assured that they are working hard with partners to give consumers the best prices.