When it comes to automotive tuning, detailing and restoration, one shop has carved a reputation for its quality and craftsmanship. Located at 177 Road 20 cor. Mindanao Avenue Quezon City, JCB Body shop has won awards and accolades in various automotive car competitions. Their strict adherence to giving the car its glossy factory finish paint with a touch of expensive aftermarket accessories and that distinctive JCB appeal, has made the shop a byword in the car restoration, body paint and tuning industry.

"We only use the best products available in the market. That is why we are proud partners of Motul Oil and Lubricants," adds Jose Clint Baldonado III, proprietor of JCB. Their partnership with Motul is crucial since they use Motul's line of high performance oil and lubricants for their cars.

"We have cars that require a very specific oil to make the engine run smoother. So far, Motul is the only oil we have tested that really adds horsepower and improves the cooling qualities of the engine. We have customers that can swear by the true performance of Motul," adds Baldonado.

According to JCB, one of their top selling Motul products is the Double Ester technology 300V, a fully synthetic oil which is used as a standard requirement by racing teams NISMO, TAKATA DOME NSX Honda and KRAFT racing BANDAI.

Motul's Double Ester technology significantly improves output performance by maintaining high film strength. The 300V series was designed to perform in the harshest environments that occur around the piston and combustion chambers, which are subjected to extreme heat conditions that often exceed the "safe zone" of traditional lubricants. The ester polymer compound is designed with high molecular strength to withstand constant shearing of oil, as it maintains viscosity even at extremely high engine temperatures ensuring minimal friction and flow resistance during high RPM.

Motul's line of oil and lubricants range from the high performance 300V series, 100% Synthetic Motor Oils for Gas and Diesel, ATF, DIII, Power steering oils, Limited Slip Differential oils, Gear oils, Coolants, Brake fluids and a comprehensive maintenance line. Motul is a certified, recommended and is the oil of choice of racing teams that compete in the Japan Super GT, World Rallye Championship (WRC), 24-Hour Le Mans, Asia-Pacific Rallye Championship (APRC) and the Moto GP. For details on how to improve your car's performance, call JCB Body Shop at 927-4498 or call Autoplus Sportzentrium at 726-0399 log on to www.motul.com.ph