Motul Philippines encourages car owners to check and read the service manual of their automobiles. Modern engines found in todays cars are developed and designed for better fuel efficiency and performance, and to meet the global standards for environment preservation. Engine oils play a huge part in maintaining the levels of performance and efficiency, while preserving the longevity of the engines as well.

Many service shops do not fill the proper engine oils recommended by the manufacturer resulting in reduced fuel mileage, poor performance and increased engine wear. These conditions may lead to engine damage caused by sludge formation and oil breakdown. Filling your engines with the proper oil helps prevent these damaging effects.

Motul's line of engine oils conform to the latest technical specifications given by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), as well as the world’s top automobile manufacturers. Its 100% synthetic oil technology provides excellent anti-oxidation properties preventing premature thickening and ageing due to thermal stress. Its high performance anti-wear additive increases engine life and decreases wear by reducing internal friction resulting in smoother and lighter acceleration.

Motul has engine oil products ranging from the fuel efficient 0w20 grade to the extreme 20w60 grade to meet the viscosity needs of nearly all cars in the Philippines. Motul has also pioneered the Specific CRDi engine oil specially formulated for the demanding performance of modern high-performance common-rail direct-injection diesel engines. Meanwhile, the range-topping 300V provides maximum protection and performance proven by some the fastest cars in the country.

Be smart, wise and read the label of your brand’s specifications. Check the label and take note of the fact that Motul provides100 % synthetic formulation, unlike other brands that merely claim to be.  With Motul, you get what you pay for to ensure protection during aggressive and everyday driving conditions.

For details on how to improve your car's performance, call Autoplus Sportzentrium at 726-0399 or visit Motul Philippines is also on Facebook and Twitter. Motul oil and lubricants are also available in select dealers nationwide.