High technology, top class action and pure motion pound every bit of a Super GT race weekend. This exhilarating experience is what Pinoy motorists will feel when the Motul Z racecar comes to the Philippines this April 2008.

Unexpected Partnership

Little did Mr. Carlos Gono of Motul know this occurrence that he himself can share this once in a lifetime opportunity to car owners. Autoplus Sportzentrium, being a dedicated high-performance workshop since 1996 catered to discerning clients for go-fast car set-ups, was awarded the exclusive distributorship in the country for Motul lubricants from France. "Everything seemed to be all in good shape and the shop is serving its purpose as a passion and hobby garage, when surprisingly, we got Motul landed in our stewardship." recounts Mr. Gono.

A Challenge of over 150 years

Here in Autoplus, we take everything as a challenge and take every detail seriously. When Motul came, we studied the company and traced its roots way, way back in 1853 from New York. Right then, we learned that this company made lubricant products from whale blubber and vegetable derivatives years before crude oil was discovered. Motul invented the first Multigrade oil in the 1950s, semi-synthetic oil in the 60s, commercialized the 100% Synthetic oil in the 70s and Biodegradable oil in the 80s. The company still stands as a family business based in France and if you search its heritage, it will blow you away, explains Mr. Gono. Learning this first hand and through thorough product testing, we grabbed the opportunity on this remarkable company, and when we did, we went all out because we see our philosophy match with Motul's direction.

Going All-Out

Starting in 2005, we went all out into this business. Being a pioneer in the high performance business, we know it's the only thing that can get us to win especially in this very competitive and sometimes blow-by-blow lubricant industry. In as much as we would like to go our own way, we are always incited of much small talks and sometime bizarre comparisons to other lubricant products.

We can't claim that we represent an oil giant per se but what we can deliver to consumers is an oil industry pioneer and a motorsport champion. Motul has kept its pioneering spirit through the century and takes up every challenge with no compromise in reliability as proven in the field of various world motorsport races such as Formula One, World Rally, 24-Hour Le Mans, Super GT, MotoGP, Super Bike, MX World Championships and more. They partner with top class racing teams in the world to develop the technology of its oil and use the actual off-the shelf finished product in this world competitions for continuous research. It is an ongoing obligation of result and commitment, which for us, is a philosophy of pushing back the limits and going all-out.

Too expensive a price

In all its prestigious quality and surefire benefits to the user, Mr. Gono explains that he keeps Motul's price at a minimum: We have been told that there is this connotation that Motul is "Mahal", I beg to disagree because I am always pressed by our principal to be at the same pricing level with our counterpart nations. I love driving my car. Motul enhances its performance that makes driving more exhilarating. What makes it even more accomplishing for me is sharing such an experience at a low price. An example is H-tech 100 100% Synthetic oil, which retails at 430 per liter and the premium 8100 at 640 per liter. Now if we talk "Mahal" in terms of sticker price, 950 per liter of our 300V might look more close to it. The 300V product is one of a kind due to its "Double Ester technology."

This product is the same as what international motorsport teams put in their machines and among them are the 2004 Super GT Champion Nismo Z, Takata-Dome Honda NSX, Team Kraft Toyota SC430, Labre-Competition Aston Martin DBR9, Ferrari 550 Maranello, and the Subaru World Rally Team Impreza to name a few.

This is of great value for all the performance and reliability you get from what's inside the bottle; not how nice and colorful the bottle looks like. What I think is too expensive a price is to believe in sweet words, orchestrated, non-bearing performance claims from unknown lube companies out there. It's very risky to pay for and pour it in my car.

Sharing the dream

This project is like a dream made reality for me. To show consumers what Motul is about, we took the chance of bringing in the Nismo Z #22 Motul racecar with the help of Bridgestone and Oakley. When I was a kid, I just dream of driving super cars and race cars like these, never did I knew that I myself will actually represent it and can share the car to the same passionate car enthusiasts. When you come to think of it, you can only see this car from the bleachers meters apart while it is racing in circuits of the world abroad. Now, Filipino Motorists will see it in all its sophistication and glory centimeters away with the convenience inside a mall.

The car will be on display for the whole month of April starting at the Manila international Auto Show (April 3-6); Autoplus Sportzentrium (April 7-10); Glorietta 3 Park Tent (April 11-13); Bridgestone Tire Center, Fort Bonifacio Global City (April 14-17); Trinoma Mall (April 18-20); Autoplus Sportzentrium (April 21-24); and Power Plant Mall (April 25-27).