Moving the World Through Our Art and Science - this statement serves as our sole purpose for being. ROTA Wheels has been around for close to three decades now, and ever since the first Rota Wheel rolled-off our production line, our commitment to design excellence and engineering quality and has been the backbone of our success.

Our Passion for Motoring Excellence Translates to Quality Wheels known the World Over

Our Rota Wheels have found its way to distant shores, through a network of off-shore offices and dealers world-wide. More importantly, our Brand's strength comes from the scores of satisfied meticulous customers who have tried and tested our Rota wheels.

Best People. Best Technology. Leads to Total Customer Satisfaction.

Philippine Aluminum Wheels, Inc. (PAWI) is the Company behind the Rota Wheels Brand. Aside from harnessing the best technology available to produce our wheels, our quality comes from a quality-oriented workforce and management system geared towards providing the best that our stake-holders require at all times.

PAWI does not only rely on the beauty, creativity and durability of its designs alone. It backs up its production of such world class quality wheels by implementing the requirements of QS 9000 which is a quality management system based on the internationally accepted ISO 9001 framework. This system is interfaced with automotive application core tools especially designed by the American Big 3 car manufacturers namely Ford, General Motors and Chrysler.

The QS 9000 system provide customers with the assurance and satisfaction that the products and services are of consistent quality. As such, it strives for continuous improvement, emphasizing defect prevention and the reduction of variation and waste in the supply chain.

PAWI is not content with this achievement hence it is going for the enhanced ISO/TS 16949 system which is expected to be the international standard for the automotive industry that promises to integrate best practices of quality planning and improvement activities through tested techniques backed by a continual improvement philosophy.

Likewise, aside from this, plans are also underway to steer the company towards another management system this time via the ISO 14001 environmental management system. This requires a company to be in control of its environmental aspects where it can be expected to have an influence. Hence, being an environment friendly company is this system's ultimate goal.

Both the above mentioned Quality and Environmental management systems will surely complement each other in PAWI's quest for total manufacturing excellence. For more information about Rota Wheels, visit their website at