A few years back, Spoon Sports reintroduced the SW388 wheel. Ever since it was offered in the market, it has proven to be a big hit to Honda owners around the world. In fact, it has been fitted to both old and new Honda models. These include the new Civic Type R and the standard Civic sedan. Soon, another popular wheel with the Honda folks will be making a comeback– the Mugen MF-10.

HCM Sports Garage in Japan has posted on its Facebook page that they are now offering pre-orders of the Mugen MF-10 reproductions models. According to the translated post, it will only come with the 5x114.3 bolt pattern. Furthermore, wheel sizes are limited to original specifications as well. Specifically, only the following sizes are available: 15 x 6.5J + 45, 16x8.0J + 42, 17 x7.5J + 52, 17x8.5 J + 59, and 17 x9.0J + 42. According to HCM, these sizes are a perfect fit for the Civic Type R (EK9), Integra Type R (DC2), S2000, and the NSX (NA1 and NA2).

Mugen is bringing back the MF-10 wheels image

Unlike the original Mugen MF-10 which came in two colors – Bronze or Silver – the upcoming reproduction models to be produced will only be offered in Bronze. Furthermore, only the matching black center caps will be available. The reproduction MF-10 will also retain the original design that Honda enthusiasts have come to love compared to the new SW388 which underwent a redesign.

For those interested in picking up a set, these will not be offered by Mugen themselves. Instead, these will be available exclusively through HCM Sports Garage and the Honda Cars Nozaki dealership. The reproduction Mugen MF-10 will be available for a limited time only and in limited numbers as well.

Mugen is bringing back the MF-10 wheels image

According to HCM, prices remain the same as they were offered back in the day but now comes with an additional 10% tax. That said, a set will roughly cost around 255,200 yen (Php 118,000) to 303,600 yen (Php 141,000). Pricey, but definitely cheaper than re-sellers.

Not everyone will get the opportunity to order a set as it will be a “lottery-style” order basis. This means you have to apply and hope you get picked before you can purchase. From the looks of the application form in the Honda Cars Nozaki website, it is exclusive to Japanese residents only.

So if you happen to have a relative someone living in Japan, ask a favor and try to order a set for you.