It has been over a year since Honda released the new CR-V. But just last August of this year, Modulo decided to spruce up the CR-V’s looks by giving it a sportier bodykit, along with several interior upgrades.

Not to be outdone by Modulo, Honda’s in-house tuner, Mugen, has also released a styling kit of their own for the compact crossover. 

While it may look slightly similar as to what Modulo already has, Mugen’s styling upgrades for the CR-V are bolder and more aggressive. For starters, it gets a more stylish front grill and a more radical-looking front bumper complete with an under-spoiler for improved aerodynamics. 

Also present are new side skirts which according to Mugen, make for a more ‘unified look and presence’. Mugen was also busy changing things around the back with the addition of a tailgate-mounted wing and a rear under-spoiler that complements the stylish side skirts.

Honda CR-V Mugen

Since Mugen was already busy making exterior changes on the CR-V, the in-house tuner also released a new set of wheels for the CR-V. Dubbed ‘MDR’, these 19-inch aluminum-alloy wheels feature a two-tone finish and a seven-spoke design. Its exact size is 19 x 7 1/2 and has a recommended tire size of 235/55.  Apart from the wheels themselves, Mugen is also offering a wheel nut & lock set for the new CR-V and is available with either a silver or black finish.

As for interior upgrades, the CR-V can now come with Mugen floor mats and a sports luggage mat at the back. Both come with exclusive ‘Mugen’ emblems, along with the signature ‘white, red and gold’ tri-bar color scheme.

There is no word yet if the new styling kit will make its way in other markets. However, Mugen is already offering the entire exterior kit plus the alloy wheels in Japan at a cool JPY 408,240 (about Php 194,520). Meanwhile, the wheel nut & lock set finished in silver retails for JPY 8,100 (about Php 3,890). On the other hand, the black set is selling for JPY 9,504 (about Php 4,530). 

Over to the new floor mats, the five-seater set is priced at JPY 43,200 (about Php 20,585) while the seven-seater variation retails for JPY 51,840 (about Php 24,700). Finally, the sports luggage mat costs JPY 22,680 (about Php 10,810) for both the five-seater and seven-seater models.