Korean automaker Hyundai has revealed a beta version of their latest infortainment system. With Apple CarPlay and Andoid Auto gaining popularity, Hyundai has come up with MyHyundai and plans to launch the app by the end of the year.

MyHyundai Beta

The prototype was revealed during the Google I/O event and the company showcased four features of MyHyundai. First is Call roadside which is a one-touch command the dials Hyundai Roadside Assistance. The second one is Monthly Vehicle Report which gives the owner a high-level look at the latest report and diagnostics issues. Related to that is Hyundai Service and it shows preferred and nearest dealer with quick action buttons plus it allows the owner to call the dealership and provides navigation on how to get there. The fourth feature is Valet mode that allows the owner to track the car and give a summary on how the car was driven when given to a valet.

Hyundai owners may avail of this serve once it is out in the market. Owners simply have to update their phone and vehicle's infotainment software to be able to use MyHyundai. Hyundai says all these features help minimize driver distraction by reducing the number of steps needed to complete tasks.