The idea of a hybrid-powered Mustang is nothing new to Ford. In fact, the Blue Oval brand has already talked about an electrified pony car joining the model line up as early as 2020 and will likely be based on the current-generation model. Now, Ford has revealed a teaser of what could be the upcoming hybrid Mustang as part of their newest ad campaign called 'The Future Is Built', which can be seen in the video below.

Halfway through the video, we get to see the Mustang's front fascia in full view albeit with some parts of it darkened. Comparing it to the current-generation Mustang, it appears to have a much different look with smoother, simple lines on the bumper and restyled headlights. What's more intringuing however is the re-shaped grill or lack thereof. The wide grill has been covered off by a plastic trim, similar to electric vehicles. Located dead center of the grill however is still the famous Mustang logo glowing in light blue.

Given the shape of the mystery Mustang's front fascia and it's side mirrors, it is possible that this could be a preview for the next-generation Mustang set to debut in 2021 as well.

Mystery Ford Mustang could preview next-gen hybrid pony car

Right before the shot of the Mustang teaser however, Ford also showed for a brief moment the cutaway of a Mustang's engine bay. From the looks of it, the Mustang hybrid will continue to use a V8 engine but will be complimented by an electric motor. The entire engine bay is also lit up in neon blue, which Ford has previously used in promoting electrification.

Ford did not mention any details regarding the hybrid V8 or the mystery Mustang in the video, leaving everything up to speculation. One of these possiblities would be that the hybrid Mustang will receive the Mach 1 nameplate as keen-eyed viewers would also spot the original Mach 1 in the video. What is only certain is that the next-gen Mustang will offer a hybrid model and will continue to ride on a rear-wheel-drive unibody platform.