If you're planning to fly out for the next few days at Metro Manila's major air terminals, you know to expect problems with regards to traffic. But there's a new development: they won't let you park your car overnight at the airport for now.

The management of the terminals at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) have just announced that they are suspending the overnight or long term parking at NAIA Terminal 1, Terminal 2 (Centennial), Terminal 3, and Terminal 4 (Domestic). The suspension of long-term/overnight parking will last from today, December 26, 2019 up to January 6, 2020.

According to contact person close to the matter, NAIA was forced to interrupt the long-term/overnight parking options at the three major terminals because the majority of parking spaces at all three terminals are currently occupied by long-term parkers; meaning vehicles deposited by travelers flying out. The situation supposedly created issues with regards to traffic at the terminals, as relatives and friends picking up loved ones arriving are having difficulty parking, presumably creating heavy traffic congestion as well.

NAIA Terminal 1 has three parking lots with a total capacity of 1321 vehicles; Parking A has a capacity of 354 vehicles, Parking B can take 567 vehicles, and Parking C has space for 400 vehicles. Terminal 2 has a capacity of 552 vehicles in Carpark 1, 775 vehicles in Carpark 2, 113 for Employees, and 49 slots for VIPs. In Terminal 3, the open air parking has a capacity of 988, while the Multi-Level carpark has a capacity of 1,549 for a total of 2,537 vehicles. Terminal 4 has the smallest parking lots of all terminals with 142 units in Parking B and 66 at Delta gate.

The announcement of the suspension is to make space for transients, or vehicles that are being used to pick-up arriving passengers; these are vehicles that will stay for a few hours or less.

If you're flying out originally planned to leave a car, you may want to explore other options in getting to the airport. The advisory does not cover private parking areas (i.e. Park n' Fly) but given the season, it's best to call ahead and see if they actually have slots.