Normally found on Volvo's wagon lineup, the Swedish automaker recently revealed the S60 Cross Country, a high-riding sedan that has the ability and ruggedness found on the brand's Cross Country wagons.

“The S60 Cross Country is the sole contender in the luxury crossover sedan segment. We have identified a clear niche in the market for a more capable sedan with rugged styling cues and a higher stance. The S60 Cross Country will appeal to people that are searching for an exciting and capable sedan, whilst enjoying the clear benefits that a crossover offers,” said Alain Visser, Senior Vice President Sales, Marketing and Customer Service of Volvo.

The side profile of the Volvo S60 Cross Country

Superficially it still looks like the current S60 but gets a 65mm bump in ride height and will make use of an AWD system. FWD models will be offered only in Europe and select markets around the world. It can also be fitted with 18- or 19-inch wheels that are wrapped in high-profile tires which according to Volvo, will provide comfort and increased wheel protection.

The rear of the S60 Cross Country

Powering the S60 Cross Country Sedan will be a T5 All-Wheel Drive gasoline engine rated to produce 254 PS.