Honda’s luxury arm, Acura, may not yet officially be available in the Philippines but that doesn’t mean we can’t see and appreciate what they have to offer.

Acura is poised to shift the brand’s design language to focus on performance, specifically on future performance-luxury sedans.

To start it all off, a teaser photo was sent out, showing the Acura Precision Concept.

Its silhouette seems to look identical to the NSX that Honda debuted at the 2015 Tokyo International Motor Show but upon closer scrutiny, it seems that the Precision Concept’s bonnet is longer (maybe indicating a bigger engine) and the roofline seems to stretch out a little but further back signifying a bigger cabin.

All these are speculative, of course. Acura will unveil the Precision Concept on January 12.

"The Acura Precision Concept will signal the stronger and sharper focus of Acura styling on our core DNA we call 'precision crafted performance'. It is our intention to more strongly express performance through design and the Acura Precision Concept will serve as the inspiration for the styling and proportion of the next-generation of Acura vehicles, especially for our sedans," said Dave Marek, global creative director for the Acura brand.