Infiniti is set to change the way it designs cars, as well as how they perform on the road. Giving us a taste of things to come from is this, the stylish Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept. It features a sleek and radical exterior design that is coupled to a minimalist and human-centric interior.

“The premium sedan segment has become rather conservative. The Infiniti Q Inspiration previews something that could appeal to a younger audience, who seek modern design and new technologies to inspire and empower them,” said, Christian Meunier, vice president of Infiniti Global Division.

NAIAS 2018: Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept

Instead of having a traditional sedan body style, the Q Inspiration comes with a couple-like design that gives the four-door concept a striking silhouette. But perhaps the most prominent feature on the concept is its heavily redesigned signature double-arch grill. It looks unlike any front grill design Infiniti has come up but it could be toned when its applied on future production cars.

Despite its sleek looks and aggressive tones, the Q Inspiration still came with clean sweeping lines and muscular curves. This can be seen on the concept's front and rear quarters, sloping roofline, wheel arches and short deck. Meanwhile, the headlights and taillights were designed in a way that they resemble intricate grooves or slash marks.

NAIAS 2018: Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept

Open the doors and a minimalist cabin design greets the occupants in the Q Inspiration. It emphasizes on delivering comfort and space for both the driver and passengers. The contoured seats were designed to follow with the occupants' body shape while white supple leather provides an air of sophistication. Thanks to the compact engine design up front, Infiniti said they were able to free up more cabin space for the passengers.

Instead of having traditional analog switches and buttons, the concept comes with an array of monitors and touchscreen displays. Directly in front of the driver is the instrument panel, along with the multi-info display. Below it is the touchscreen display houses the infotainment system. The front passenger also gets a plethora of controls for the multimedia system, as well as controls for climate control system and power seat.

NAIAS 2018: Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept

Propelling the Q Inspiration concept is Infiniti's proprietary VC-Turbo powertrain. It is the world's first production-ready engine with variable compression. During operation, the motor constantly adjusts its compression ratio between optim and power. Infiniti claimed that this gives the engine hybrid-like fuel consumption and sports-car like power delivery. Currently, the only production model that comes with the new engine is the QX50.

Beside the VC Turbo powertrain, the concept also comes with Nissan's high-tech semi-autonomous driving system calld ProPilot. It acts as the driver's co-pilot which helps the driver navigate through traffic with ease. It can also drive the car by itself on the highway.