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NAIAS 2018: Nissan says rugged can be sleek with Xmotion Concept


Nissan reveals Xmotion Concept crossover, shows future design language

Ever imagined what future crossover designs might look like? Well, Nissan's take on it would be the Xmotion Concept. The large concept crossover was revealed at the 2018 North American International Auto Show and previews the firm's future design language with crossovers.  

Pronounced as cross-motion, Nissan says the new concept SUV combines both Japanese and American culture into its styling, hence the name. This is then translated to a sleek and streamlined looking SUV that retains a rugged and off-road pressence. Nissan describes the design language as a 'powerful, dynamic presence with understated sculptural beauty'.


Going into the details of the Xmotion's design, up front there is Nissan's signature V-Motion grill which is now more pronounced. Metallic strips that run from the bumper to the hood further emphasizes the V-shaped design. Meanwhile, the U-shaped headlights put emphasis on the concept's large size.  

From the side, the combination of sleek and rugged can be seen more easily. Despite not having pumped fenders, the large carbon fiber fender cladding add to it's off-road appeal. Large 21-inch wheels then fill up the gap with chunky tires. The sleek and subtle styling continues to the rear with skinny taillights and just a single piece of silver trim.  

Inside, the Xmotion can fit six people courtesy of three rows of seats which seats two. Occupants will then be greeted with a large screen which run the width of the dashboard. Noticeably, the lower portion of the dashboard is made from wood with a central floating console running the length of the interior. Red and white upholstery is used throughout the interior, likely a homage to the Japanese flag.

Nissan intends to apply this sleek yet rugged design to production vehicles as early as 2020. Given that they did not mention any detail about the concept's powertrain, it is likely this vehicle is strictly a styling concept.  

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