Keeping cool inside the car is always an utmost concern of every motorist, especially now that summer time is around the corner. In order to beat the heat, a handful of motorists just settle for low quality tints being peddled at the streets, while their wiser counterparts invest on high-quality tints that would last almost their vehicles' lifetime.

Now, their quest for that cost-effective tint is over, with the recent launch of Hüper OptikŪ window films. Hüper OptikŪ window film is the product of nano-ceramic technology; the same technology is being used to make stealth jet fighters undetectable during radar scanning.

Unique features of this window film is it's 100% metal free and dye-free, unlike conventional window films. With the absence of metal in the window film, Hüper OptikŪ films offer lesser reflective attributes and is demetallization resistant. The absence of dye also makes the tint fade free.

But that is just the cake's icing so to say, for the main benefits of nano-ceramic technology on the Hüper OptikŪ window film is being able to reject heat by as much as 70% while letting light pass through. This results in a less obstructed vision especially during night driving. Other worthwhile benefits would be the decreased load for the car's air-conditioning. A layer of window film over the glass also prevents the glass from shattering during accidents. As a side note, Hüper OptikŪ films is also resistant to salt-containing environments as it has made its mark in marine applications worldwide.

The Hüper OptikŪ network worldwide is increasing rapidly, with over 500 dealers to date. Whether in architecture, the automotive or the marine industries, the Hüper OptikŪ nano-ceramic solar control film has a long list of global as well as region-based case studies attesting to the product's superiority. Its worldwide-patented ceramic technology is the culmination of distinctive German research and state-of-the-art production capabilities. Hüper Optik International is a joint venture between the PSB Corporation (a Singapore government agency) and Globamatrix Holdings Pte Ltd.

Hüper Optik Philippines, Incorporated is a newly appointed country distributor of Hüper Optik International and exclusively represents Hüper Optik in the Philippines. Hüper Optik Philippines is a member of the Laus Group of companies based in the city of San Fernando, Pampanga, with offices at the ground floor of the Laus Group Corporate Center along the San Fernando-Olongapo Highway. A Metro Manila satellite office is located at Ford Libis.