As the government continues to aim for the centralization of its traffic management, the DOTr has launched a national online database to pinpoint the accident blackspots in the country. The system is called DRIVER, short for Data for Road Incident Visualization Evaluation and Reporting. It was one of the ideas that was presented during the Road Safety Idea Hack 2017 and has since gone full-scale.

National road accident database goes online

DRIVER is an open-source, web-based centralized system to report traffic incidents. The system covers the entire country. DRIVER also aims to gain more accurate data as many traffic management agencies still rely on the traditional logbook. With this program, the enforcer simply has to go online and log the incident. Once uploaded, the report will be part of the national database.


With all the data collected, it can be used to inform traffic management offices to allocate more manpower and resources in the affected areas. Should a traffic agency implement changes, they will also be able to monitor the effect of their interventions in real-time.

National road accident database goes online

One can access all of the information through and logging in with an e-mail account will show the collected data since the program started. There are various ways to view the data as well. It can show the incidents of the day and accidents of the past week or for the whole year. It also displays a calendar which shows the frequency of accidents during a selected date.