As vehicular accidents leading to injuries continue to rise under the new administration, former presidential candidate and current senator Grace Poe has proposed the creation of an agency that will look into the causes of these mishaps and also coordinate with other agencies in order to reduce and/or prevent it.

Senate Bill No. 162 filed by Sen. Grace Poe proposes the formation of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) that will be an independent and a non-regulatory agency mandated to launch investigations regarding transportation-related accidents that occur on land, sea and air.

“The high incidence of transportation-related accidents, amid the low quality and inefficiency of transport services, necessitates a scientific and effective approach to ease the sufferings of our commuting public and improve our system for the long haul,” said Poe.

Part of the functions of the proposed NTSB is supporting mobility safety programs and the continuous assessment of operating practices and regulations of various government agencies dealing with transportation and mobility.

“We need to carefully study the context of our road safety problems by looking into the overall transportation system of the country towards having efficient, safe, affordable and accessible public transport services which have been long overdue,” added Poe.

Senator Poe cites a World Health Organization report indicating that ‘the human suffering for victims of road traffic-related incidents is incalculable, with endless repercussions to Filipino families and the economy.’

Last week, four college student were injured after a truck allegedly lost its brakes in Quiapo, Manila and just yesterday at least 30 were injured in a six-vehicle accident after a Pascual bus lost its brakes and caused the multiple collision.