Nissan Philippines Inc (NPI) continues its roll in the automotive industry with a whopping 4,500 units sold in the month of August. With it, NPI is now the third most valuable automotive brand in the country.

The company's latest milestone marks the highest monthly sales for the brand in the Philippines since 2000. This translates to a 104% increase versus the same period last year and beats the previous 2,869 performance last July.

Driving the record sales performance was led by the Nissan Navara which accounted for 38% of overall sales in the country. Beyond that, the all-new Terra also helped raked in additional sales; delivering 21% of the brand's total accumulated sales for the month of August.

Navara, Terra lead Nissan's sales for August with 4,500 units sold

Besides posting records sales figures for the month of August, Nissan also ranked number two in the 2018 J.D. Power Customer Service Index, highlighting the brand's strength in aftersales services.

“The strong sales performance is the result of a diligent focus on customer service and a strategic product portfolio that meets the requirements of the Filipinos. The positive reception of the new Nissan Terra is testament to this. We remain committed to exceeding expectations of our customers and the market,” said Ramesh Narasimhan, Managing Director of Nissan Philippines Inc.

Before the year ends, the company plans to open five new dealerships as a way to continue expanding their dealer network in the country.