With the marked increase in heavy trucks going through various streets in Navotas causing road congestion, the local government has decided to issue a new ordinance that will limit the routes available for trucks in order to smoothen the flow of traffic.

Mayor Reynald M. Tiangco has approved Ordinance 2015-2, specifying a truck route with a designated time window during the day, bans the use of other streets in the city and also increasing the corresponding fines for violators.

Trucks that veer away from the prescribed route will be penalized Php5,000, which is a major hike from the previous Php2,000 fine, but was warranted because some drivers prefer to just pay the fine to be able to take other routes.

Cargo trucks, gravel and sand trucks, tractor trailers and containers haulers with a gross capacity of 4,500 kilogram are prohibited from using "all roads or streets in the city from Mondays to Saturdays except on holidays and on streets specified as truck routes."

Trucks with perishable goods may be allowed to take other routes provided they secure a special pass from the traffic management office.

The designated truck route is Caloocan-Navotas to C3 Road-R10 Road to Manila, which is available to all trucks anytime and any day of the week.

M. Naval Street may be used, from Agora to Cut-off Channel, from C-4 Road to Tangos; Gov. Pascual Street, C-4 Road and H. Lopez Boulevard, except during rush hours of 6AM to 10AM and 4PM to 8PM and from Cut-off Channel to C-4.

Trucks from Bangculasi should pass through M. Naval to Lapu-Lapu Avenue to R-10 and vice-versa.

Source: Inquirer.net