The National Bureau of Investigation has busted nine individuals for production and distribution of fake government IDs, with driver's licenses being one of them. The nine individuals were arrested following a buy-bust operation last September 12 and agents noted that the operations were being done 'in plain sight'.

Then on September 19, the NBI-Anti-Graft Division raided the warehouse where the fake documents were being made. The individuals arrested during the operation were Dexter De Guzman, Roger Benitez, Arlene Dela Cruz, Mary Grace Trajano, Joshua Pascua, R-Jay Mercado, Samuel Dolendo, and Susan De Guzman. Suspect Paul Cabrera meanwhile offered to sell a fake passport (for Php 3,500) and driver's license (for Php 1,000) to an undercover agent back in September 12 as part of an entrapment operation. The other eight were caught in the act of producing fake documents.

In the compound, located along Recto Avenue, agents also found paraphernalia relating to the making of falsified government IDs. These included computer sets, printers, scanners, laminating machines, and dry seal, all of which were confiscated by authorities. Agents also seized 342 fake LTO license cards, 23 LTO license official receipts, 65 blank LTO license official receipts, 370 blank PVC cards, and 1 ID card cutter. Those arrested now face charges for violating “New Passport Act of 1996” and the “Land Transportation and Tariff Code”.

The work of the NBI won't stop there however. The Bureau will also be investigating barangay officials for possible administrative or criminal liability for 'failure to prevent the proliferation of these illegal activities in their jurisdiction'.

“Along this line, the LTO will support and rally behind the DILG on any legal action that he may initiate against barangay officials who deliberately tolerate the existence of business establishments engaged in the production of fake documents,” said LTO Chief Edgar Galvante.