The National Capital Region Police Office or NCRPO has released a memo on the 10 most common modus operandi going around today in Metro Manila. Among them includes two which pose serious harm on motorists such as airport ambushes and carnapping. The NCRPO has given recommendations on how to avoid being a victim of these crimes.

An airport ambush involves thieves trailing their victim coming from the airport. The perpetrators then attack the vehicle to either rob the passengers or take the car itself. These kinds of attacks usually happen before dawn where there is light traffic leaving few or no witnesses to the crime. The NCRPO recommends not booking a flight that lands very early in the morning. These incidents usually occur soon C-5 and Shaw Boulevard.

The NCRPO has also told the public to be wary of carnappers posing as potential buyers. The carnapper would take the car out for a test drive and would hold the owner at gunpoint until he or she surrenders the car. The NCRPO has recommended letting a seasoned used car dealer handle the sale of the car. If the seller prefers to sell the car personally, the police advise the seller to dictate the test drive route and bring along two or three extra companions for the road test.

The other common modus operandi listed by the NCRPO include office intruders, ATM scams, the Zesto gang, dugo-dugo and budol-budol, as well as various forms of breaking and entering and pickpocketing.