The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) appears to be adamant in achieving a five-minute drive from Makati all the way to Cubao, Quezon City via EDSA.

After stating several weeks ago that traveling from Cubao to Makati in five minutes can only be done if vehicles traveled at 155 km/h, MMDA traffic manager Edison 'Bong' Nebrija recently decided to test it out for himself.

With the help of a timer and a driver, Nebrija set out to see if such a travel time was possible. With an average speed of 60 km/h, Nebrija was able to arrive in Cubao at just over 6 minutes. While his test somewhat proved that it was possible, we need to point out that Nebrija's recent test was done on a Sunday, not on a traffic-riddled weekday.

In addition, Nebrija started his journey at Guadalupe bridge which already borders with Mandaluyong and Pasig. The Philippine National Police-Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG) also did a similar test and was able to do it within 4 minutes and 58 seconds albeit done at 1:00 AM in the early morning.

However, Nebrija did point out that he did this test as he wants to make every day driving along EDSA feel like a Sunday. He, along with the MMDA, plans on making that a reality by coming up with policies in order to reduce traffic volume on the major thoroughfare.

One of the MMDA's plans includes the closing of all bus terminals along EDSA which is currently being contested by a petition. But with the PNP-HPG backing the MMDA's plan of shutting down all of the terminals, a shorter travel time along EDSA may become a possibility.

Another policy the MMDA is looking into is bringing back the driver-only car ban as a way to further reduce vehicular volume along EDSA. Originally implemented by the MMDA last August 2018, it was met with flak from motorists and was ultimately shelved as the Senate interpreted it as a violation of tax-paying motorists rights.

As to what Nebrija has exactly in store in order to improve traffic flow as well reduce the volume of vehicles along EDSA, we'll have to wait and see. For now, all Nebrija mentioned is that they will start working on reducing travel time with engineering intervention and the implementation of new policies.