There's nothing more stressful than having to look for a parking slot inside a jam-packed building / establishment. Aside from the fact that you have to keep your eyes peeled for any open slots, some times you have to deal with people who stand on parking spaces as a way to 'reserve' them.

Despite the countless reminders posted by mall establishments that standing on parking slots to 'reserve' them is not allowed, some individuals continue to do this practice much to the ire of everybody else who are also looking to park their vehicles.

MMDA Traffic Boss Edison 'Bong' Nebrija said that no matter the case, standing on parking slots in order to reserve them for someone else is not allowed.

“A parking slot is reserved for a vehicle, not for people. We are asking the the public to please avoid 'reserving' open parking slots by standing on them. Let us remember that parking our vehicles in private or public spaces is a first come, first serve basis,” said Nebrija.

For everyone's sake, let us curb this type of behavior in the parking lot. Aside from the fact that you could become the next viral sensation on social media, you might also get into some altercations with other people.

To avoid that, check out our guide on how to properly park like a pro and see just how proper etiquette can go a long way.