It's becoming a common sight every time it rains. We are talking about motorcyclists who park under flyovers, MRT stations, and footbridges to seek shelter. While it is (somewhat) understandable why some do this, it causes a different problem, congestion.

Today was no different when parts of EDSA came to a crawl after rain hit parts of Metro Manila. The reason? The motorcyclists waiting out the rain left parts of the busy thoroughfare with just one lane.

MMDA Traffic Czar Edison ‘Bong’ Nebrija recently posted on social media to express his frustrations against motorcyclists that do this whenever it rains. With it, Nebrija said that travel time along the northbound direction of EDSA is causing delays due to the obstruction caused by motorcyclists.
Nebrija stressed to motorcyclists to be more responsible and avoid blocking the road whenever there is a downpour.

“Sa mga riders who are doing this please be responsible and do not obstruct the road for your own convenience,” said Nebrija.

Nebrija appeals to riders: Don

[To the riders who are doing this please be responsible and do not obstruct the road for your own convenience]

He added that they should take secondary roads or go to gasoline stations to put on their raincoats. Nebrija suggested that those that want to weather it out should find a different shelter to avoid obstructing parts of EDSA.

While we understand the plight of motorcyclists who have to endure changing weather conditions, they are not the only ones using public roads. Worse, they are committing obstruction, a traffic violation under the MMDA’s penalty code.

This violation means they are blocking the free passage of vehicles along public roads. It also includes the act of driving in a manner that can impede the flow of traffic. This violation has a penalty of PHP 150 for the first, second, and third offenses.

There will be those dismissing Nebrija's call and say he doesn't know what it's like to ride under the weather. They have to remember one thing: Bong Nebrija is also a rider.