The S660 is a highly successful kei car produced by Honda and is a direct successor to the Beat. In fact, it was reported that the car sold out during its initial release, and it's no surprise to see why. Based on the S660's original styling, it looks like a fun-sized version of Honda's flagship supercar, the NSX. But what if you don't like that 'baby NSX' look and prefer something a bit more retro? Well, Honda also has you covered as they recently introduced the Neo Classic body kit.

The Neo Classic kit turns the Honda S660 into a retro-looking kei car

Officially called the S660 Neo Classic, it is based off a concept car that was first introduced back in 2016. In fact, most of the styling has been retained except for some changes at the rear end. The design does look similar to that of the N-One Kei class hatchback and the Sport EV concept with the huge round headlights up front coupled with a restyled front bumper and a black plastic grill.

Much like the front fascia, the kei car's rear end has also been modified extensively. Gone are the sleek LED taillights and has now been replaced by a pair of retro looking circular units coupled with a redesigned rear bumper. Black accents are then found all throughout the vehicle to enhance the retro look of the kit.

The Neo Classic kit turns the Honda S660 into a retro-looking kei car

When ordering the S660 Neo Classic kit, it comes as a complete package. Every piece of the kit is made from fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) except for the headlight and taillights of course. The kit will also come unpainted and the owners have to install it themselves or at a shop. This allows owners to option to repaint the whole car to whatever color they choose, or simply color match the kit to the vehicle.

Given the amount of parts and complexity that come with the body kit, it's no surprise that the price is not cheap. To be exact, the Neo Classic kit costs 1,200,000 yen excluding tax (Php 580,000).

With the amount of parts available for the S660, don't you wish we had it available locally?