Robert De Niro, John Boyega to star in Netflix's 'The Formula'

A new racing movie will be coming to Netflix. But this will not be a typical racing movie where the protagonist only has to compete against other drivers.

Called 'The Formula', the movie will revolve around a Formula One racing driver and the Mafia. Set to star in the upcoming film are two-time Oscar winner Robert De Niro, and Star Wars alumni John Boyega.

The film will be written, directed, and produced by Gerard McMurray. His previous works include The First Purge (2018), and Burning Sands (2017), a Netflix production. According to McMurray, the film will tell the story of a young man who becomes a successful F1 driver but becomes involved with the mob.

Netflix wants a mafioso-style Formula One racing movie image

“It's the story of a young man from Detroit who becomes an international racing star in the world of Formula 1 under the tutelage of his mentor with old mob ties,” said McMurray. In order to save his family, the F1 star has to serve as a getaway driver for the Mafia.

There's no word yet as to what roles De Niro and Boyega will be doing in the upcoming film. More than likely, Boyega will star as the F1 driver turned getaway wheelman. Meanwhile, De Niro could either be a mafioso or be the F1 driver's mentor. We're leaning towards the former as De Niro has starred in several mobster movies like The Godfather Part II, Casino, Goodfellas, and more recently, The Irishman.

Netflix wants a mafioso-style Formula One racing movie image

Other details regarding the movie are still a mystery. But we are curious as to how the film will be able to incorporate Formula One Grand Prix elements. Will we get to see actual F1 cars going around a racetrack? What cars will be used in the getaway/racing sequences? And could we see other F1 drivers make an appearance (or a cameo) in 'The Formula'?

Without more details to go on, all we can do now is wait until more information about the film is released. There's no release date yet either, but more F1 selection on Netflix other than Formula 1: Drive to Survive is certainly welcoming news.