Cities are coming up with their own ingenious ways to disinfect those within their areas, along with those coming in. Pasig, for instance has their drones, while Manila has deployed their fire trucks. Quezon City on the other hand has, well, something else.

Granted, Quezon City has also been spraying disinfectant all over the place but their latest scheme has netizens either in stitches or even more frustrated at their local government. Their solution? Wash down and disinfect passing cars with a tabo.

Netizens poke fun at QCNetizens poke fun at QC

Somebody had taken a video of a disinfecting station along the Quezon City Circle which sees one car stopped as city employees pour what looks like water on the vehicle. When it was uploaded on social media, the varied reactions started pouring in. Many criticized city mayor Joy Belmonte for implementing such schemes, while others felt sorry for those who had to wash down the cars because they weren't even given hoses to make the job a little bit easier.

Netizens poke fun at QCNetizens poke fun at QC

Of course, there were those who (sarcastically) thanked the mayor for the free car wash. One netizen asked if a car can actually be a carrier of the virus as well. Judging by the many reactions from netizens, the use of a tabo for disinfection probably isn't the best solution at the moment.

That aside, the government has been ramping up measures to try and flatten the curve. However, there is currently a spike in reported cases as the test results come in. The country now has well over 1,000 cases with that number expected to rise as the days go by. Here's to hoping more people will find more ways to fight the pandemic although one thing is for sure; a tabo is out of the question now.