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NEUES EVolution presents clean and affordable mobility


Affordable and clean transport from Japan

NEUES, a new Japanese-Filipino partnership officially presented its new modular electric vehicle platform for the Philippine market at the SMX Convention Center. The new company is eyeing on locally manufacturing the NEUES EVolution, touted as an affordable electric vehicle to be sold in the Philippine market.


Two examples of the EV were shown to the attendees of the press conference including transportation leaders, government officials and the local media. Retired Japanese automotive engineers and race car engineers were tapped in the development of the unique scalable architecture of the electric vehicle. The design inspiration for the prototype came from Keisuke Imada, the head of NEUES EV development. Imada said he wanted to take a different approach for electric cars which mostly look futuristic; drawing his love of classic cars, he tasked the design team to come up with a retro-inspired design.

The company is also planning to deploy charging stations in partnership with establishments and transport hubs to make the program feasible. Kart Plaza Manufacturing Corp. will also help in developing and creating body styles needed for the EV platform in the local market and will act as well as the exclusive distributor and marketing department of NEUES Co Ltd. in the country.

"The emissions produced by internal combustion engines are contributing to the degradation of the earth’s atmosphere, resulting in pollution that affects our collective health and well-being, not to mention the unpredictable and extreme weather patterns we are now experiencing as a result of global warming. This makes it a necessity for those in the transportation industry to reverse these harmful consequences by exploring alternatives to the traditional modes of mobility," said Johnny Tan, Managing Director of Kart Plaza Manufacturing Corp.

The official specs of the four-seater Original EV presented at the press conference had body dimensions meauring 2,400mm long, 1200mm wide, 1700mm tall, with a wheelbase of 1,720mm. Maximum power rating of the EV tops at 14.4 kw with a torque rating of 270nm and a top speed of 50km/h. The car is powered by 48V x 120Ah lead batteries that can run up to 50km before needing a full recharge of 8 hours.

NEUES Ltd. Co. and Kart Manufacturing have also co-developed the “EV Jeepney” which according to them, “address the continuing demand for the country’s most basic and essential form of public transport.

The newly formed NEUES Co. Ltd. is a subsidiary of NKC Metalworks Group Osaka, Japan and Kart Plaza Manufacturing Corp.

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