National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) is in the clear as the company recently exited reorganization which allowed them to partner up with two new Chinese companies along with a new facility that will be put up in the city of Tianjin.

With Tianjin Binhai Hi-Tech industrial Development Area (THT) and Beijing State Research Information Technology Co., Ltd. (SRIT) at their side, NEVS will be able to produce new electric vehicles that will feature wireless connectivity for future users.

“NEVS’ focus is to produce high quality electric vehicles with China as its initial main market. The long-term cooperation with the development area THT in Tianjin and the IT pioneer SRIT will help us achieve our vision and our goal of a global strategic presence and is an important addition to the resources we have in Trollhättan,” said Mattias Bergman, NEVS President.

THT itself has been involved in China's automotive industry for years and will provide NEVS the necessary auto supplies, as well as a strong market share in the growing Electric Vehicle (EV) market. SRIT on the other hand is a state-owned IT service provider that will grant NEVS wireless connectivity features for their upcoming vehicles as well as other opportunities that the automaker can acquire.

The first car that the brand will produce in their upcoming factory will be an electric vehicle that uses NEVS technology, which will then followed by an array of other EVs that will use new platforms and battery-based powertrains.

NEVS did not state when will their upcoming electric vehicle make its public debut.