Automakers today are banking on self-driving tech as a way to make cars safer and more convenient to own. National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) plans to put that kind of technology in shared mobility with the all-new InMotion Concept.

It comes with a flexible interior that can be tailored to an individual's tastes and is a level 5 autonomous vehicle which allows it to fully navigate city streets and highways all by itself. Resembling a room on wheels, the InMotion comes with individual reclining seating that can be arranged in three settings: private, social and meeting.

“This design is starting from an interior perspective, with the intention of showing how people can add quality to their lives by filling the time of travelling with value, and not wasting it by being stuck behind the wheel, sometimes for hours just to get across the downtown areas. This is why we are displaying this flexible and very user friendly concept. This is unique compared to others,” said Jonas Hernqvist, vice president of sales and marketing at NEVS.

Controlling certain portions of the cabin can be done via a smartphone app which does away with the traditional dashboard and center console. This allowed NEVS to make full use of the space for the occupants while incorporating more technologies at the same time. Using the app will allow users to control seat adjustments, ambient lighting and environment settings.

NEVS InMotion Concept looks at the future of self-driving transport

NEVS did not go into detail about the InMotion concept's inner workings but they did say it runs on pure electricity. It also comes with wireless charging tech which negates the use of cables when recharging the car.

NEVS hopes that this concept will pave the way in decongesting cities, reduce the amount of parking spaces for more green areas, lessen air pollution and safer roads for everyone.