Located just off the South Luzon Expressway, the Southwoods 4x4 Park is a project of Megaworld, and is situated at their massive development adjacent to the southbound exit of SLEX Southwoods.

According to Bryan Ong, one of the key people behind the construction of the facility, the track was designed by Lito Joaquin and Ramon Toong to NAsFOR (National Association of Filipino Off-Roaders) specifications. Toong is one of the founders of NAsFOR as well as the owner of 199 Off-Road House while Joaquin has been a competitor as well as a designer of tracks for the organization's past events.

The off-road course in Southwoods

The park features a variety of off-roading obstacles such as ramps, ditches, elephant tracks, and more, simulating the most extreme kind of challenges found on jungle trails. According to Mr. Ong, the park has four table tops, three V-canals, a horse shoe, multiple ramps, twp deep canals, a water crossing, and soon, a rock garden.

Of course being a park, this is all done within a safe, controlled, and easily accessible venue. Megaworld and the organizers will be setting up grandstands, a common dining/eating area and bathrooms; an uncommon luxury on off-road tracks.

A portion of the 4x4 off-road course in Southwoods

Currently the park itself is still under construction, but off-roaders in the area have already been testing the surface and the obstacles.