Now even your old beater can give information to you like it was KITT from Knight Rider.

A new app and hardware combo called Automatic is taking cars as old as 1996 models, which was the year when the OBD-II Data Link Connector was made standard on vehicles, to the 21st century by allowing its owners to access the wealth of information it stores in its onboard computers right on their smartphones.

For only USD 99.95, you can download the free app compatible with iOS and Android plus you’ll get the OBD II connector that comes with Bluetooth and GPS technology with 128-bit AES wireless encryption and is capable of over-the-air updates using your smartphone.

With the adapter plugged in and paired with your iPhone or Apple Watch, or an Android unit, Automatic will diagnose every problem that arises and even decode it for you so you don’t have to learn car-speak to figure it out.

Its GPS capability allows the app to give you information about your driving habits through the adapter’s built-in speaker.  Audio alerts will let you know if you’re too heavy on the pedal and brake and signal you to drive more smoothly and efficiently. It’ll even remember where you parked so you don’t have to.

Automatic can even make you a safer driver by disabling your smartphone’s keyboard while you’re behind the wheel to reduce the urge to text while driving.

Working in tandem with Google Maps, Automatic will determine if you have enough fuel for the drive based on your set preferences and inform you of fuel prices and location of pumps in the area you are in.

It even offers a Crash Alert system that will SOS Automatic headquarters that will in turn alert the local emergency services about your status although this feature is still contingent on the emergency services in your area.