Many road accidents that have occurred can be attributed to driver error and a new bill filed by Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago hopes to lessen these by preventing persons with an unstable mental state from ever getting behind the wheel.

Known as ‘An Act Providing for Compulsory Psycho-Technical Driver Assessment Test’ or Senate Bill No. 3007, it will mandate that ‘no person shall be issued a professional driver’s license…who has not passed the psycho-technical driver assessment test administered by the official psychologists and/or psychometricians of the Land Transportation Office (LTO).’

A meager fee of Php 5.00 shall be charged on top of the regular driver’s license application except in the case of enlisted men operating government-owned vehicles.

Aside from the standard tests to determine the applicant’s health and ability to see and hear, LTO shall now ascertain the applicant’s mental state and how it will affect the ability to operate a motor vehicle.

The Psycho-Technical Driver Assessment Tests will be composed of three exams that will measure the driver’s (a) cognitive and motor skills, (b) psychiatric fitness to drive, and (c) temperamental quotient.

If signed into law, the LTO will be mandated to carry out the provisions of this bill.