Ever find it such a hassle to DIY things like checking traffic conditions to a destination when you’re already multitasking four other chores at the office?

If you own a BMW that has an active optional feature called ‘ConnectedDriveServices’ on it, this is one task you won’t have to do much longer.

BMW has just announced that they have debuted BMW Connected in North America for iOS devices, which opens up a ‘highly-personalized world of intelligently connected, digital mobility services’ to BMW users in the USA.

This app uses a Microsoft Azure’s wealth of tools and services in order to process data and information from various sources in order to customize an itinerary for its user complete with estimated departure, arrival time and real-time traffic monitoring.

BMW Connected recognizes all driver-related mobility information such as home and office addresses, various regular destinations and the routes to and from these areas. It then combines up-to-date traffic information it gathers from the Internet in order to process a proper itinerary for its user.

The app will then alert the driver on his mobile device for the right time to leave based on the current traffic condition. Upon getting into the vehicle, the information is transferred to the BMW navigation system with just a touch of a button.

The app and the system debuted in North America but BMW says that other markets around the world will experience this feature within the year. Here’s hoping the Philippines will be part of it.

BMW Connected will only work on models with ‘ConnectedDriveServices.’