Central Motor Co., Ltd. (Central Motor) and Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) held a line-off ceremony at Central Motor's plant in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan, to mark the start of mass production of the new Japan-market "Corolla Axio" sedan and "Corolla Fielder" station wagon. This indicates that the Corolla on the global market including the Philippines would also be replaced with a newer model soon.

Since its debut in 1966, the Corolla has been designed to prioritize peace of mind, practicality, and ease of use with the aim of creating value that adapts to the times. The Corolla has become a favorite of consumers around the world, making it the world's best-selling vehicle.

"This car is the first fully redesigned car to be born in Tohoku, and such an achievement should be commemorated. We hope to fully root ourselves, along with the Corolla, here in Ohira, and in Miyagi", said Central Motor's Kuzuhara.

The redesign of the Corolla Axio and Corolla Fielder sought a return to the Corolla's origins. Both vehicles were completely revamped to minimize body size while maintaining the ability to safely and comfortably transport four adults over long distances, thereby achieving a perfect fit for compact cars in the Japanese market.

Corolla Fielder

TMC's Toyoda said: "We hope this new made-in-Miyagi Corolla will put smiles on the faces of our customers throughout Japan and contribute to the vitality of Miyagi and all of Tohoku.  For this, let us continue to do our best together, with our hearts as one."

The Axio and Fielder are manufactured for the Japanese market at Central Motor Co., Ltd.'s cutting-edge Miyagi Plant in the Tohoku region, which began operations last year. TMC has positioned this region as its third domestic production base alongside Chubu and Kyushu and will establish a new production subsidiary, Toyota Motor East Japan, Inc. on July 1 to serve as a comprehensive vehicle manufacturer specializing in compact cars, with the ability to perform all functions from vehicle planning and development to production.

Starting May 11, 2012, as a symbol of the revival of the Tohoku region, the new Corolla Axio and new Corolla Fielder are on display at Sendai Airport, the gateway to Miyagi Prefecture.

Toyota Motor Philippines did confirm that this will not be the Corolla Altis for release in our market next year and indicated that the upcoming new generation Corolla Altis for the Philippine market will be a sporty looking sedan.