Oh, the golden age of racing. With all the technologies employed into modern racing, true and hardcore fans of motorsports cannot help but miss the raw and unbridled power and thrills of racing. In 1966, true grit was measured in the grueling 24 Hours of Le Mans, and a storied rivalry was born past the pits and onto the track.

Following its dominant Le Mans run, Ferrari was approached by Ford Motor Company in what could have been a possible buy out of the former. When Enzo Ferrari realized that the deal would have included relinquishing Scuderia Ferrari, their racing outfit as well, the talks between both manufacturers fell through.

In this biographical film starring Matt Damon as Carroll Shelby and Christian Bale playing the role of British-born driven Ken Miles, Ford V Ferrari shows what happened behind politics, physics, and personal struggles that pushed Ford into the limelight following Henry Ford II and Lee Iacocca's mission: beat Ferrari in the ’66 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The first and second items we posted about this movie, we were absolutely stoked. With this new trailer, we see more of the integral people behind Ford’s rise and uprising against Ferrari’s dominance in what was the oldest and most grueling endurance race known up to this day. From Shelby and Miles’ strange-at-first relationship, to Henry Ford II’s skepticism towards the GT40 project, to the odd means that were employed just to make a car lighter, faster, and (if that doesn’t work,) nastier than Ferrari, and wrest the crown from Italy’s prancing horse, it looks like this movie will not disappoint.

For Formula One fans, the movie Rush was more than enough to get their pistons pumping. With this new biographical, and with two names synonymous to Le Mans dominance, Ford V Ferrari should be enough to get our spirits racing again.