Earlier this year, Toyota revealed the all-new Corolla hatchback. Also called the Auris or Corolla IM in different regions, the Corolla hatchback likely previews the yet-to-revealed Corolla sedan (Altis). While we wait for the next-generation Corolla Altis to be revealed, Toyota's other factory-supported tuner – TOM'S Racing – is busy developing parts for the Corolla hatchback.

The TOM'S Racing official Facebook page has recently announced that they have began development on the upcoming Corolla hatchback. In fact, TOM'S Racing has already released development photos of the Corolla hatchback. While the text is in Japanese, they did say that they are working on the export model Corolla and not the Japan-spec units.

Tom's Racing adds subtle touches to Corolla hatchback

From the looks of it, TOM'S will be giving the Corolla hatchback an exterior make over. There is a new chin up front and a side skirt that runs through the length of the vehicle. The rear sees more changes as there is now a larger diffuser with a twin-tip exhaust, and a larger rear spoiler. Completing the exterior makeover are TOM'S TH01 wheels and gray paint.

Given the lack of information regarding the TOM'S Corolla, it is not yet known whether TOM'S Racing will be developing performance parts for the new Corolla hatchback or it will strictly be aesthetics only. Currently however, you can purchase suspension components, exhausts, and brakes from TOM'S to fit on your Toyota vehicle.

We will have to wait and see what TOM'S has in store for the Corolla as they are still busy working on it.