Swiss IT company WayRay is putting the finishing touches on a navigation system that will change the way you look at the road, literally.

Navion is touted as the world’s first-ever holographic navigation system for vehicles and will be available to motorists by late 2015.

It uses WayRay’s proprietary technology called Infinity Focus to project visual navigation instructions on the screen making it appear like it is laid out over the road ala a videogame all while making the True Augmented Reality experience free of any wearable device like headgears or special glasses.

This, according to WayRay founder and CEO Vitaly Ponomarev, makes Navion the safer choice of mounted GPS navigation systems and on-the-phone apps because it does not force the driver to look away from what’s most important, what’s lies on the road ahead.

Aside from providing holographic navigation instructions Navion also projects various information like speed, road name and is also programmed to respond to voice commands and hand gestures.

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It is designed to fit any vehicle and will project information only in front of the driver’s visual field.  Navion will also integrate with your smartphone and just by downloading an app will also project phone functions on your windshield.

WayRay is already taking pre-orders for Navion, which is scheduled for release late this year.