GMC will finally reveal the all-new electric Hummer on October 20 this year. Unlike the previous generations, this new model will no longer be a gas-guzzling SUV. It will first be offered as a pickup, with the SUV variant to be launched in the future.

But what can we expect to see on the all-new Hummer EV? And will it be as capable as the previous gasoline-powered iterations?

To show us how capable it is, the automaker has released a short video showing the Hummer EV in “Crab Mode”. As the function implies, it allows the truck to...well, move like a crab. GM says the functionality of Crab Mode is specifically tailored for off-roading customers by having four-wheel steering. We assume it will also help owners maneuver the large pickup/SUV better considering its size.

Apart from driving diagonally, the short video does give us a quick look at the exterior of the upcoming Hummer pickup. Noticeably, the top view shows the roof panels have been removed. Meanwhile, the shot of the infotainment confirms Apple CarPlay, Android Auto will be available. We don't know about you, but we find the animation when engaging the crab walk feature very cool too.

Despite the showing off its Crab Mode function, no powertrain details have been released just yet. GMC did say before that the new Hummer EV will have up to 1,000 horsepower from its electric powertrain. Whether that is true or not, we will have to wait until its debut on October 20.