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AVID holds Thought Leadership Forum


New industry group calls for a better auto industry

AVID, the Association of Vehicle Importers and Distributors, recently held a Thought Leadership Forum to discuss the future of the auto industry. With the theme "Cruising the Lane of Competitiveness", the forum sought to promote a more engaging relationship between AVID and its stakeholders by enabling discussion on developments and issues in the automotive industry, as well as the economic and investment climate in the country.

AVID invited several authorities in their respective sectors like the government, the academe, industry executives and marketing professionals. AVID posed two questions, the first being "What is the right development path for the automotive industry"; the premise being the increasing pressure to accelerate government and enterprise initiatives to improve international competitiveness in the context of trade and investment commitments under the World Trade Organization as well as regional Free Trade Area agreements. The next main discussion question was "What to consumers gain from a more competitive auto industry?", as after all, in any market, the demand of consumers is a key factor in success.

AVID is a non-stock, non-profit business association organized in the Philippines in July 2010. The association is composed of nine members, representing various car brands and manufacturers: British United Automobiles Inc. (MINI), CATS Motors Inc. (Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge), Focus Ventures Inc. (Chana), Foton Motor Philippines (Foton), Hyundai Asia Resources Inc. (Hyundai), Jaguar Cars Inc. (Jaguar, Maserati), PGA Cars Inc. (Porsche, Audi), Scandinavian Motors Corporation (Volvo), and The Covenant Car Company Inc. (Chevrolet).
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