The Mitsubishi Xpander may be one of the newest cars to come out of the diamond star brand, but it looks like it’s about to get an update. It’s a bit of a surprise too since the Xpander is barely two years old. Typically, Japanese automakers take about three years before a car gets a minor model change or MMC. 

So what exactly have they changed for the supposedly refreshed MPV?

New look Mitsubishi Xpander coming this year? image

The first thing one would notice is the wheels. It’s still a five-spoke design but the pattern is slightly different. Specifically, these new units have a more fan-shaped design. Also, the grill has a more prominent two-bar design, whereas the current one has a flatter look courtesy of a three-bar look. The daytime running lights are also slightly different. Though it could be just the angle of the photo, the headlights appear to be all-new as well now with a quad-projector design. This indicates that it could now be LEDs instead of just regular halogen lights.    

There are no photos of the rear end or the interior just yet. Considering the changes made to the front end, we won’t be surprised if there were some minor tweaks also done to the rear. The same can be said about the interior with upgraded panels or gauges. As for the engine, it will likely remain untouched.

New look Mitsubishi Xpander coming this year? image

We should note that these Xpander models are built in Malaysia according to the report. For reference, the Xpander units sold by Mitsubishi Motor Philippines locally are built in Indonesia. As such, this could be a design or trim variant exclusive to the Malaysian-spec Xpander. However, rarely do automakers make specific parts for one country alone as it would not be cost-effective. Should that be the case, it would be a very unusual move by Mitsubishi.  

Still, we’re betting this is an updated model of the ever-popular Mitsubishi Xpander. The question now is when it will debut.

Source: Tekan Minyak