If you hold or have ever held a driver's license or had to renew your car's registration at the Land Transportation Office, you'll know that you do a fair bit of window “hopping” to get the job done.

Well, that archaic and groaningly time-consuming system of waiting-for-your-name-to-be-called at multiple windows at the LTO is about to change. 

New LTO IT system to eliminate hopping from one window to another

At the induction of the new officers of the Motorcycle Dealers Association of the Philippines last night at Fairmont Hotel in Makati, we chanced upon Land Transportation Office (LTO) Executive Director Atty. Romeo Vera Cruz.

As you may well know, the LTO has been in quite a bit of hot water recently, what with the apprehension of modified off-road vehicles based on outdated laws and the fact that many vehicle license plates have yet to be released. Understandably, the LTO's ED is quite eager to change the narrative, and volunteered some good news for motorists nationwide.

According to him, the Land Transportation Office is preparing to implement a new procedure for licensing and vehicle registrations in 2019: a one-window transaction system. 

Under the current process, an applicant for a driver's license (whether new or a renewal) will have to follow a procedure that involves moving and waiting from one transaction window to another. Some of these windows are for the Evaluator, Photo/Signature, Cashier, Encoding/Biometrics, and Releasing. When renewing a vehicle's registration, owners will have to do something similar too. Under the new system, applicants will only deal with one window.

The change is being brought about by a new IT system that allows the LTO to (finally) consolidate the transaction. This will result in easier applications and renewals as motorists will not need to move from counter to counter, waiting for their names to be called at each one, just to get a license.

ED Vera Cruz didn't elaborate further on the process, but he did say that the agency is looking to roll out the one-window systems by the second week of January 2019.